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This video addresses the important issues surrounding the observance of the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday). It is the fourth commandment from the Ten Commandments. Adventists are observers of it. Jesus Christ endorsed it. Is it for New Testament Christians? Has it been changed to Sunday? Find out by watching this video!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

English Geneva Bible

A short lecture about the Geneva Bible.

Christian Sabbath Truth: Sabbath or Sunday Worship : Doug Batchelor

Sabbath And Sunday Worship. In this presentation Doug Batchelor presents both sides of the debate on the Sunday Sabbath debate. He does that by changing roles from being an advocate for Sunday and one for the Sabbath. Even his suit has two colors as seen above.
"Origin of the Months and the Days of the Week," written by the "Rev. Fr." Gregorio Arnaiz, O.P. In it the author says:"The Romans dedicated the first day of the week to the Sun ; the second, to the Moon; and the rest to five of their mythological divinities, in this wise: third day, Mars ; fourth day, Mercury ; fifth day, Jupiter thunderous ; the sixth, to Venus ; and, the seventh, to Saturn.
"With the disintegration of the Roman empire, the European nations, that were later formed, followed the same nomenclature, although they modified said names in accordance with the genius and character of each language.
"But the [Roman] Catholic Church never admitted in her liturgy such pagan nomenclature, but designated the first day of the week with the name Dominica (Sunday), in honor of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the following five days were called feria secunda, feria tertia, feria quanta, feria quinta and feria sexta; for the seventh day she preserved the name Sabbatum (Sabbath) of the Jews, transferring to Sunday the day of rest and abstention from servile works."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Doug Batchelor Newsflash 2017 Benchmarks

Rapid movements, perilous times, building tensions but through it all one book (The Bible) stands out with pinpoint accuracy. Tune in with Doug and The Amazing Facts team in this special update!

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Prophets Command the Holy Angels


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